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Recent Updates Dr. Daithi O Mhurchu

Sunday 17.24

So the SEVEN hour ice experience is over. The terrain was seriously Xtreme...never a second where you would not break a bone...knees ARE in bits..body IS IN bits..muscles are dead...IT was so cold. YES YES YES!! So many accidents on the melting ice. I fell and the swelling was up BUTthe doc said I was ok...Global is causing so much damage. North Pole over NOW to Sahara. Thanks for your energies everyone....

Monday 17.29

Today the sun is up. The temp is minus 15 at least, freezing all over. The reflection of the rays on the ice is awesome. Looking to the Ice cap is a humbling experience. The gods have decided to allow this wandering soul to survive the elements for now. I bow to their beauty and eXtreme power. Muscles are in BITS 1000% b...ut onward to Sahara in April..then Everest